[Baypiggies] 2006 Meeting Schedule

steve hindle mech422 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 02:36:46 CEST 2006

On 7/26/06, Mike Cheponis <mac at wireless.com> wrote:
> I regularly attend the South Bay NetBSD monthly meetings.  There is _never_ an agenda!  That would be far too organized for us.  We have pizza and chat about some aspect of NetBSD that is relevant to each of us, as we wish.  It's pure "random access".  Since several NetBSD developers show up, it's a great place to have questions answered, or to have other smart folks critique an idea or to have them suggest some ways of solving a problem.
Sounds like fun!  It's kind of funny - but once a meeting topic has
been posted, 50% of the fun goes out of the presentation for me.
Either its something that really gets me interested, and I can't wait
till the meeting to start playing with it, reading up on it, etc.  Or
its a topic that holds no interest for me.  Either way, its like a kid
that opens his xmas presents early :-P

However, I consistently get lots of cool ideas from just chatting with
other geeks.  Hearing what they're playing with, what they like/don't
like, etc.  Generally stuff I never would have thought of/investigated
...  All sorts of wierd and wonderful ideas just sort of bubble out.

> As I see it, the meeting topics are a "draw" - they give people a reason to attend.  But once a bunch of pythonistas gather, it's gonna be interesting, program or not.
Yep - I really think its the people that make the meetings.  And we
have a nice wide variety of people to talk with/learn from in this


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