[Baypiggies] 2006 Meeting Schedule

Shannon -jj Behrens jjinux at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 03:10:05 CEST 2006

On 7/26/06, Dennis Reinhardt <DennisR at dair.com> wrote:
> At 05:09 PM 7/26/2006, Mike Cheponis wrote:
> >SH>  For that matter, are
> > > they really concerned if there is a speaker or not (Perhaps they are
> > > more interested in the 'social' aspects like the 'random access' ?)
> >
> >MC>I regularly attend the South Bay NetBSD monthly meetings.
> >There is _never_ an agenda!  ... It's pure "random access".
> I have seen multiple models work. IMO, video taping and broadcasting
> supports a speaker model.  We are not having difficulty filling out a solid
> speaker schedule at Google and are having difficulty at
> IronPort.  Fine.  So, let's adapt.
> >Well, I suggested 12+12...
> >As I see it, the meeting topics are a "draw" - they give people a reason
> >to attend.  But once a bunch of pythonistas gather, it's gonna be
> >interesting, program or not.
> Having meetings at two locations with quite different characters sounds
> great.  It would be nice if they were held on different nights, but not at
> all mandatory.  Many conferences have 2 or more tracks, where the attendee
> must chose one session to attend and attending both is not physically possible.

Wow, I really dislike this "us vs. them" mentality.  I'm sorry, but
you've made it clear that you would not attend the IronPort meetings.
Hence, I feel like you're just getting rid of me by making it
impossible for me to attend the Google meetings.  I'm sure your intent
is friendly and not malicious, but I don't like this turn of events at

Best Regards,

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