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Marilyn Davis marilyn at deliberate.com
Thu Jul 27 18:37:41 CEST 2006

----- On Wednesday, July 26, 2006 jjinux at gmail.com wrote:

> On 7/26/06, Dennis Reinhardt  wrote:
>> At 05:09 PM 7/26/2006, Mike Cheponis wrote:
>> >SH>  For that matter, are
>> > > they really concerned if there is a speaker or not (Perhaps they are
>> > > more interested in the 'social' aspects like the 'random access' ?)
>> >
>> >MC>I regularly attend the South Bay NetBSD monthly meetings.
>> >There is _never_ an agenda!  ... It's pure "random access".
>> I have seen multiple models work. IMO, video taping and broadcasting
>> supports a speaker model.  We are not having difficulty filling out a solid
>> speaker schedule at Google and are having difficulty at
>> IronPort.  Fine.  So, let's adapt.
>> >Well, I suggested 12+12...
>> >As I see it, the meeting topics are a "draw" - they give people a reason
>> >to attend.  But once a bunch of pythonistas gather, it's gonna be
>> >interesting, program or not.
>> Having meetings at two locations with quite different characters sounds
>> great.  It would be nice if they were held on different nights, but not at
>> all mandatory.  Many conferences have 2 or more tracks, where the attendee
>> must chose one session to attend and attending both is not physically possible.
> Wow, I really dislike this "us vs. them" mentality.  I'm sorry, but
> you've made it clear that you would not attend the IronPort meetings.
> Hence, I feel like you're just getting rid of me by making it
> impossible for me to attend the Google meetings.  I'm sure your intent
> is friendly and not malicious, but I don't like this turn of events at
> all.

I'm totally sure that Dennis was just throwing out ideas, and this was a silly one.  It surprised me too. My guess is that it was motivated by the desire to not restrict the Ironport meetings from happening when the Google meetings happen, if that's the time the Ironport people want to meet.  

If the Ironport meetings want to meet in that time slot, then we have to shift the Google meetings, or flip a coin or something.

No one would want to get rid of you!  You are a big asset to the group.  It's always nice to see you and you always share an impressive amount of good info.

The meetings simply cannot be simultaneous. 


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> -jj
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