[Baypiggies] logo

Donna M. Snow donnamsnow at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 01:28:28 CEST 2006


Starting to work on the Plone site..playing around with a "logo" for the 

http://www.baypiggies.net/zope/pr (like it.. hate it.. improvements??)

Also, what categories.. areas do we want on the site.. at the moment the 
navigation links are anchors to content within the same page.. not 
separate sections.. here is where we determine what sections we want...

I know Tony would like somewhere to house Reviews so we'll have a 
section on Book Reviews...

So right now...I think we probs should have...

Meetings (includes Dennis's agendas - and sub-section for locations and 
Book Reviews
Subscription Management (mailing list..etc)
History or About the group??
Resources (links to Python related information.. etc - could be where we 
upload videotaped sessions)

anything else you can think of....?

respond offlist please :-)


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