[Baypiggies] Contract Job - Python-Capable Sr. Sys Admin

Todd Agulnick todd at agulnick.com
Thu Jun 8 01:37:45 CEST 2006

Senior Systems Administrator - Contractor

Foxmarks, LLC, located in downtown San Francisco and housed with 
Creative Commons and the Open Source Applications Foundation, currently 
has a 3 - 6 month contract position open for a Senior Systems 
Administrator. In this role you will build monitoring and automation 
systems for the Foxmarks production web service. Initially you will work 
with Foxmarks' IT staff to determine requirements and then assume sole 
responsibility for implementation.

* 3+ years in Linux system administration for consumer-facing production 
* 3+ years scripting experience in Python and Bourne Shell;
* Demonstrated ability to develop and hand-off completed systems, 
including documentation;
* Familiarity with Debian, Nagios, Tomcat, Apache+HTTP a plus;
* Ability to be on-site in our San Francisco office one day/week for 
review, coordination, and collaborative working sessions (telecommute on 
other days).

We would dearly like to implement this system in Python -- a language 
that we love and believe to be much more maintainable than the 
alternatives. Alas, we haven't had any luck finding people with the 
right combination of SysAdmin and Python skills -- SysAdmin and perl, on 
the other hand, seems to be ubiquitous.

Please, stop us before we code again in perl: submit your resume to 
jobs at foxmarks.com


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