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Mark Jaffe markie at ydl.net
Thu Jun 8 19:47:43 CEST 2006


I was contacted by a recruiter (internal) this week, but had to pass  
on the opportunity due to my current full-time situation. I would  
like to pass this on to the list, in the event someone else is  
available. I was informed that there was a strong need for Python,  
although the description does not mention it explicitly:

Work with product development to architect and implement an  
automated, flexible, and extensible build system (using make / gmake,  
ANT, shell scripts, etc.) for all STG products
Work with product development to architect and implement a  
configuration management process including creation of tools around  
our Perforce source-code control system and integration with a bug  
tracking system
Perform product build and unit test across a wide variety of  
operating systems – Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux, etc.
Qualifications, Education and Experience:
5+ years experience creating / maintaining complex product build  
environments – building multiple layers of dependent products across  
multiple operating systems
5+ years experience guiding a complex source code version control  
environment – understanding the difficulties and advantages to  
branching, merging, and programmatic interfaces
Deep understanding of “make” and related tools
Proven ability to drive multiple projects to successful completion
Experience with C / C++ / Java programming, including an  
understanding of dynamic vs. static libraries and program linking
Experience with Perforce
Experience with ANT
Experience with UNIX Shell / Perl scripting
Understanding of source and environment portability

Let me know of your interest and include a resume if this is a good fit.

Mark Jaffe
markie at ydl.net
408-807-2093 (cell)

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