[Baypiggies] JOB: Python/web software position (WFH)

w chun wescpy at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 02:11:22 CEST 2006

hi everyone,

recently i've picked up a part-time job working for a
virtual company -- no "real" office, everyone is split up working from
home -- that helps foundations and grantees manage the flow of
donations.  it is based in NY; the CEO is in WashDC, the CTO/lead
developer is in Winnipeg, the ProjectMgr is in Boston, and i'm here in
the valley.  we all communicate by IM and/or Skype.

we are looking for a few more developers. practically all of the
coding is done in Python.  auxiliary skills desired:
PostgreSQL, Webware, Cheetah, AJAX, JavaScript,
XML, OpenOffice/PyUNO, and cross-browser UI implementation. let me
know if you or ppl you know may be interested in working from home PT
or FT (preferably the latter).

it's a pretty flexible job... i like it but can't commit to the amount
of time they need to get a product out the door. the need is
immediate; rates are dependent on experience. most -- if not all --
work can be done remotely. preference is for someone who can commit a
minimum of 3 days per week.

contact me, if interested, for the e-mail address to forward your
resume and rates. candidates who look like a good match will be asked
for code samples and references as well as be asked to sign an NDA.
i'd love to see someone from BayPIGgies join the team!!


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