[Baypiggies] list mail and gmail ?

steve hindle mech422 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 23:06:35 CEST 2006

On 6/19/06, Michael Bernstein <webmaven at cox.net> wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-06-19 at 13:52 -0700, steve hindle wrote:
> This is a bit of a strawman. Even on lists that are configured to munge
> the 'Reply-To:' header in an attempt to force replies back to the list,
> the original sender still appears in the 'From:' header.

Hmm - it's quite possible I'm mistaken, since this is the only mailing
list I've subscribed to since changing my email address.  I seem to
recall lists (svlug?) where the 'from' was something like 'svlug-list'
or whatever.  Again, its been a while since I took my mail server
down, so I could (quite easily) be mis-taken...


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