[Baypiggies] pywebsvcs-zsi recommendations?

David E. Konerding dekonerding at lbl.gov
Mon Jun 26 18:15:27 CEST 2006

Laurence Clark wrote:
> Has anyone actually used pywebsvcs/ZSI?  My inital experience with the 
> download for version 1.7 is that its buggy.  The version 1.7 rpm only 
> extracts if you have a hard coded user named fdrake. Then it has 
> nothing in it but a single tar.gz anyway. MAYBE this is just another 
> just a case where all the cool kids know to build from source.
Hi laurence,

I use ZSI all the time.  I wasn't aware of the problems with the RPM, 
but using an RPM for distribution of a Python
source package isn't a good idea anyway.  ZSI is now indexed on PyPI, 
and there is a 2.0 prerelease that comes in .egg


so you shouldn't have to build from source.  From what I understand, 
using PyPI should pull in all the
dependencies automatically for you.

That said, building ZSI from source isn't really that hard; there are 3 
or 4 dependencies, all of which install using "python setup.py install".

I strongly suggest that if you are having problems with ZSI that you 
join the mailing list and submit bug reports to the developers:



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