[Baypiggies] Beazley 3rd edition heads up

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 8 12:28:49 CET 2006

John, I've actually recommended this book but twice at previous Python mtgs.
In my opinion it's the clearest and most concise Python reference.

When I mentioned it last November at Google, Guido said that the book was 
dormant and that Beazley had no plans to issue a 3rd issue to supersede the 
2nd issue/ Python 2.2 version.
(It is true that Beazley never replies to email because I sent him a 4-page 
list of corrections/suggestions way back for his 1st ed, and never heard 

I guess the best thing is to set an Amazon author alert on David Beazley.



    On 3/7/06, John J. Dooley <jxd6 at hotmail.com > wrote:

When I walked in a bookstore and saw the 3rd edition of David Beazley's 
Python Essential Reference I was surprised that no one had mentioned it at
the previous Python meeting. Its on the python.org web site under books -
not something I often look at. I bought my copy at digital guru and have 
seen it in B&N in case you can't wait for amazon.

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