[Baypiggies] Beazley 3rd edition heads up

m h sesquile at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 19:39:59 CET 2006

I was one of the lucky few who got a copy at PyCon.  I'll try to
remember to bring it tomorrow night if anyone is interested in looking
at it.

I have a pretty hammered 1st edition.  Since I have more of a
photographic memory, I prefer physical books, rather than online
references.  But recently the staleness of the old version was getting
to me and I was hitting docs.python.org quite a bit.  I make notes in
my reference books, and use them instead of memorizing stuff (try not
to clutter my brain).

Some initial thoughts:
* The book is about twice as thick.  (I consider this bad, since I
like the K&R like size of the old version)
* The new index is about 75 pages vs 45 for the old
* The margins on the pages are a bit smaller (bad for people who like
to markup their book).
* Even with the increased size, some libraries recieve very little
treatment.  (One example is distutils/setup.py)


On 3/8/06, w chun <wescpy at gmail.com> wrote:
> PER was the 1st "real" reference for Python.  he basically condensed
> volumes of the Python library reference into something manageable that
> could be taken with oneself for your commute to work. since then, Alex
> has come out with the long-anticipated O'Reilly Nutshell book,
> probably a little late to capture the market, but still, it's an ORA
> Nutshell title.
> The 3rd ed of PER hasn't been mentioned before because it was just
> released the week of PyCon.  It would've probly gotten some mention at
> tomorrow nite's meeting for those who went to PyCon saw the book.
> FWIW, the booksigning on saturday nite, the bookstore had to special
> order the book to be direct-shipped from the printer (bypassing normal
> distribution channels) to get 40 copies available for David to sign
> that evening.  It sold out in 30min.
> I had a chance to catch up with David in the halls.  He's a great guy,
> and it's true that he hadn't had plans to rev the book for the longest
> time, but recent changes in his career have given him the opportunity
> to work on and finish this long-anticipated update.  Be aware,
> however, that altho the artwork resembles the previous two editions,
> NewRiders has actually been acquired by PeachPit and merged into the
> massive Pearson family, which also includes imprints such as Prentice
> Hall and Addison Wesley.  The 3rd ed of PER is published by Sams, an
> imprint whose editorial staff I haven't been very fond of over the
> years.  Still, the source material is probably very good, and they
> couldn't have "messed it up *that* badly."
> cheers,
> -wesley
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