[Baypiggies] Qt with Python-based API strategy?

Laurence Clark hsuclarklarry at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 12 07:29:42 CET 2006

>Perhaps you'd like to do a talk on it.  I did a talk on PyGTK in
>December.  A talk on PythonCard / wxPython would also be nice.
As I said, I expect to be a lot more active with Python and other new
software this summer.  Maybe I'll feel competent enough to prepare a
talk on something then. I collected a lot of great advice from an earlier
posting asking about Python ORM solutions. This could be the basis for a 
little Python vs. Java technology talk since I actually get to do some 
programming at my day job.

>By the way, why are you still using RedHat 9?  It's ancient!  I
>thought everyone using RedHat had switched to Fedora by now :-/
Thats just at home.  It gets worse.  At work we have dozens of servers 
running RHEL3 -- basically Redhat 9 at $1000 dollars per license. 
Seriously, some of us are not rock stars (or CTOs) and these are the 
realities we live with. The best advice for the legacy systems seems to 
be -- build and install Python from source code.  Thanks to Monte 
Davidoff for the earlier email on this. From my own experience, using 
RPMs from Redhat does not work for Python upgrades.

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throw the thing away man its an antique
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