[Baypiggies] [JOB] Python/C++ Developer, Greenwich, CT | 80-160k | Relo/H1B OK

w chun wescpy at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 17:19:47 CET 2006

my vote is to do something similar to python.org... have a separate
wiki-ish job posting page for BayPIGgies hung off of baypiggies.net.

if ppl are interested in Python jobs that have some sort of Bay Area
cxn, i.e., the job is here, or its elsewhere but relo is a MUST, then
they should be able to cast there.  the wiki-ish ctrls must have
moderator approval before it's uploaded to the page.

ppl can then click the link if they're interested in jobs, so those
who aren't don't have to see unwanted job announcement traffic.

my $0.02,

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