[Baypiggies] April agenda?

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 30 18:33:22 CEST 2006

Hi JJ,

Your proposal sounds great. Two comments: 1) IDEs 2) Newbies

1) IDES. The (oft-repeated) suggestion for an head-to-head feature 
comparison of IDEs was good.
Seeing as you've asked everyone to bring their laptops anyway, how about we 
get people to demo their favorite IDE each for 3 minutes? from laptop hooked 
up to projector?

Jonathan Ellis PyCon 2006 IDE review of PyDev(Eclipse)/ SPE/ ActiveState
Komodo/ Wing with useful feature table:

Jonathan Ellis Utah PyUG 2005 review of PyDev/Eric3/Boa 
Constructor/BlackAdder/Komodo 3.1/Wing IDE 2.0

David Mertz 2003 IDE review of jEdit/IDLE/Leo/ (MacOS) PythonIDE/emacs:

2) Newbies: As commented previously, we haven't had a newbie presentation
or snippets evening for yonks (Jan 2005 in fact).
For Apr or May, is there any newbie burning to present something? have a 
neat snippet?
(I don't have anything to present, sorry)
It would be good to keep the balance and have a Beginner-level presentation
every 3-4 mths like in the old days.

PS What do UPS's for projectors cost? :) Seriously.
PPS do you have enough outlets or multiplugs?


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