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Wed May 10 23:52:47 CEST 2006

The company described below is Polimetrix and the description is ripped off of our website. The recruiter contacted me and said that he had a candidate for this position and asked whether we'd be interested in seeing his/her resume. We did not ask the recruiter to post this to the list and have had no prior dealings with him. Nor do I plan to have any future dealings with him (though we're always looking for good Python people).

Doug Rivers

For your information, here is the email Mr. Min sent to me on 5/9/06:


Hello Douglas,
Hope all is well.  I am contacting you to find out if you are still looking for a Python Architect.  I am currently representing a candidate who I think would be excellent for Polimetrix, Inc..
This candidate has more than 7 years of management experience in developing applications in various platforms and OSs.  The individual also has experience with QA management and system architecture.  The candidate is also knowledgeable in various database technologies, software technologies, and web applications.  A great person all around, who I think would be an asset to the organization.
He has a MS in Computer Science and is interviewing locally to the Palo Alto area.  Let me know if this candidate will be of interest to you, and I'll be happy to forward a confidential copy of the resume for your review.  Thank you for your time.  I look forward to your response.
Best regards,
Ralph Min
Connext, Inc.
ralph at connextinc.com
Tel: (310) 279-5546
Fax: (650) 887-0404


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Contact the person in the email below.
I have NO other information other than this email. I am not affiliated with the company, job, or recruiter.

 From: "Ralph Min" ralph at connextinc.com
   Date: Wed May 10, 2006 10:51am(PDT)
Subject: (Palo Alto)  Python Architect - Linux, Apache, Postgre

Please reference position ID#6294 when responding 
Please reply with a copy of your resume as a Word attachment to:

ralph at connextinc.com

About the company
Our client combines technology infrastructure for data collection,
integration with large scale databases, and novel analytic techniques to 
deliver new capabilities for polling. Traditional phone-based polling
techniques suffer from deteriorating response rates and escalating costs.
They are the first web-based vendor to provide an alternative that meets the 
customer needs for accuracy, speed and efficiency.
Their team of thought leaders from the worlds of academia, politics, and
commercial research offer opinion polling services to political campaigns,
media organizations, non-profits, market research agencies and corporations. 
Whether the customer needs are campaign list management, accurate online
sample, innovative online surveys, or cutting-edge online qualitative, this
company can provide a scientific solution to your research goals. 

Python Architect
Your job is to manage a small team of engineers who are developing
applications in Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL and Python. You need to be both a
great manager and a great programmer (to keep up with a team of talented 
programmers). You will be responsible for understanding the business and
user requirements, choosing the appropriate technologies, and managing the
design and implementation of their software systems. They are committed to 
agile development practices in general and Python in particular as their
primary implementation language. The technologies revolve around the Web,
databases, and statistics, but, in the end, it's all about politics. 

Job responsibilities include:
Gathering of user requirements.
System architecture and class design.
Project management and code reviews.
Management of QA.
Design and user documentation.
Team management. 

Skills required include:
At least five years of software engineering experience.
Wide knowledge of software technologies, including Web applications and
Commitment to high quality software engineering practices, including 
object-oriented design, unit testing, and agile development.
M.S. or preferably Ph.D. in computer science or related field.

Please reference position ID#6294 when responding
Please reply with a copy of your resume as a Word attachment to: 

 <mailto:ralph at connextinc.com> ralph at connextinc.com 

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