[Baypiggies] Python Job posting- still allowed ?

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Thu May 11 19:40:47 CEST 2006

Aahz, Mike,

How about we attach the *URL* to an FAQ at bottom of messages?
(whenever the new website organization is done)
The FAQ can answer all these sorts of policy questions.

<slightly offtopic>
As to URLs being transitory, that's not always avoidable.
http://linuxmafia.com/ is down, including the excellent article Rich Morin 
linked to:
  "Recipe for a Successful Linux User Group"


>From: Aahz <aahz at pythoncraft.com>

>You'll note that I did not actually post an URL.  I referenced the
>BayPIGgies web site, which I think can reasonably be expected to hold the
>job posting policy, precisely because e-mail lists are transitory.  I
>didn't even look up the URL, quite frankly.  I'm busy, and I think that
>policy questions are best answered by going to the web site; I figured
>that if I did that, people might remember that for the future when they
>wanted to post an ad.  Obviously, we could start posting a FAQ to the
>list weekly, but I think that would just add clutter: the kind of people
>who won't visit the web site won't read the list FAQ, either.

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