[Baypiggies] tonights meeting - (my feelings won't be hurt if you delete)

Donna M. Snow donnamsnow at gmail.com
Fri May 12 08:58:09 CEST 2006

Nice to meet everyone!! (Stephen McInerney I meant to leave you the rest 
of the strawberries!! but that's ok I just ate the rest of them.. 
heehee..mm yummy)

Just a couple things I was thinking about when I got home.. I'm a part 
of the Linux Picnic volunteer group... every year it's the Saturday 
AFTER the Linux World Conference in SF...this year the Linux Picnic is 
August 19, 2006 ... why don't we plan on going together as a group?? Or 
at least meet each other there...
Just an idea for a social event outside of our meetings.

It was the first time I've attended a meeting in a year.. last time was 
Alex's presentation last May..(I can't believe it's been THAT long)...

Dennis.. the mapping and random access was absolutely awesome, we 
definitely need to keep that going at every meeting (my good friend 
Stephen Hindle was a first time attendee and he thoroughly enjoyed that 
part of the meeting).

Stephen, the data you provided us was meticulous and it was obvious you 
put a lot of hard work into gathering these statistics for us, Thank 
You! I know we didn't have an opportunity to discuss your findings but 
it definitely left us much to think about in the coming months as we 
plan out the meetings.

I bought toooo much food! But that's ok..I have six kids ages 9 yo - 21 
yo.. they'll eat what was left in two days.. so no big loss here 
:-)..but it does bring up the fact that we most, absolutely definitely 
need an RSVP system for attendance and food. I spent about $100 (maybe a 
bit more) but that included a good supply of paper plates, cups, 
napkins.. etc that I can reuse for future meetings.. I collected $45.. 
(actually more than I thought I'd collect) but there was quite a bit 
leftover so it wasn't a huge loss. It will help if we have an rsvp 
system in place so I know exactly who is or is not eating and can 
purchase accordingly..

I'd like to propose that we start the three lists as indicated.. 
baypiggies-announce.. etc.. but add one for the new website.. 
baypiggies-web .. so I can get feedback.. along with Paul McGavin (and 
anyone else who wants to help) on what we want/need on the new Plone CMS 
website in the works.

OK that's it from me for awhile.. won't be at ironport.. but I'll be 
avail offlist :-)

Donna M. Snow


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