[Baypiggies] ctypes presentation material online

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Fri May 12 21:11:45 CEST 2006

At 09:52 AM 5/12/2006, Tung Wai Yip wrote:
>The risk of crashing seems so scary. Have you evaluated pywin32? I wonder
>how they compare in the context of your project.

I knew of pywin32.  More than anything, I needed access to the list 
control.  This is a very complicated object whose printed documentation 
amounts to about 200 pages.

I didn't see a lot of benefit in a wrapper for such a complex object.  IMO, 
I really needed to talk to it directly.

I recently investigated writing a COM object.  I might look at pywin32 for 
that.  However, the author of ctypes (Thomas Heller) is in development of 
comtypes and I looked at that first.  I have suspended the COM project 
because it is clear to me that the overall scope is beyond what a 1 person 
company can bring to market.

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