[Baypiggies] New website: input please

Donna M. Snow donnamsnow at gmail.com
Fri May 12 20:48:43 CEST 2006


My plan is to start developing the new website.. here .... 

What types of modules/packages/products do you think we need? (per usual 
message me offline on this please :-))

Here are the ones I think we can make good use of....

Forum (carpool, mentor/mentee section, help needed with the website, new 
technologies to share - discuss, etc)
Blog (Aazh, Wes, Alex? Guest bloggers? we could feed Guido's blog 
through RSS maybe? see here..(http://planet.plone.org/)
Calendar (community one where we could all add a pythonic event.. 
doesn't necessarily have to be a baypiggies one.. only members of the 
site can post to the calendar.. so no trolls)
Photo Album (I HATE having my picture took.. blech.. but I think a good 
group site has the ability to share photos with each other..of events 
we've attended, etc )
FAQ (most definitely needed here)
Search (already a part of Plone core)

Groups are part of Plone so we can maybe setup SIG's online .. for 
example.. those really interested in IronPython could be part of the 
IronPython group within the baypiggies site and share information with 
each other.. in their group directory.

There is a massive amount of potential for building an active python 
community online we just need to pinpoint which is most critical to the 
group as a whole. All site members have the potential for (if we want to 
allow it) a member area of their own where they can upload files, create 
pages (through a wysiwyg interface) and share with other members of the 
site (and visitors) ...

If you are interested in participating in development of the new site 
please let me know and I'll make sure you are cc'd on web dev conversations.


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