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All - I wanted to let you know that we are featuring Python on the Series 60
Smartphone this month at the SDForum Emerging Technologies SIG. The
BayPython group is welcome to attend this event at no charge. (When you
register, just tell them you are with BayPython to eliminate the non-member

This looks to be a good talk and I hope to see you all there! Attached is
the meeting announcement where you can find more information.

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 Mike Rowehl and Hartti Suomela are our guest presenter's at this months
meeting (Wednesday June 14). The topic this month: Python for the Nokia
Series 60 Smartphone. Python is poised to play a significant role for
Smartphones with Nokia's latest S60 release.  Mike and Hartti will be
discussing the latest Python for S60 release as well as demonstrating just
how easy it can be to create Smartphone applications.

Where: Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto,
Room H-1.  Here's a link that gives directions to Cubberley:
When:  Wednesday, June 14, 2006
7:00 Registration, Pizza, networking, and small-talk
7:20 Intro by Rand Bradley, Emerging Tech SIG Co-chair
7:30 Mike Rowehl and Hartti Suomela, Python for the Nokia Series 60

ABSTRACT:  Have you ever wanted to develop Smartphone applications, but were
put off by the intricacies of high-performance C++ programming? Now you no
longer need to be a Smartphone specialist to develop applications for the
Smartphone. Nokia is continually making application development easier and
easier by releasing language platform SDKs for Java and more recently

Python is considered one of the easiest programming languages to learn and
is noted for its ability to rapidly building applications. Nokia brings
these strengths to the S60 platform by fully integrating the Python
language. All API's and hardware features are available to Python as well as
a fully integration user interface layer for building native look and feel
applications. On top of that, Nokia recently released Python for S60 under
the Apache license (see http://sourceforge.net/projects/pys60).

At this month's meeting, we will learn more about the capabilities of Python
for S60 and an introduction to just how easy it is to create S60
applications with Python. The presentation will also demonstrate:

   - Using the python interpreter interactively from a PC
   - The native Smartphone UI library
   - Capturing an image from the built in camera
   - Communicating with other devices via Bluetooth
   - Making requests via the cellular interface
   - Communicating with web services (Yahoo, Flickr, Ning)

MIKE ROWEHL'S BIO:  Mike is an independent consultant and contractor working
on mobile systems. He's the organizer and co-founder of the Silicon Valley
chapter of Mobile Monday (http://www.mobilemonday.us) and has been
instrumental in spreading the group to other areas. Mike has a particular
concentration on open source in mobile solutions, both on the server and
device sides. He has 12 years of experience programming with and for Linux
based solutions and has made extensive use of web tools and techniques.

HARTTI SUOMELA's BIO: Hartti is a long time Nokian, his current position is
Senior Technology Expert in Forum Nokia, which provides developers with a
broad range of technical support, knowledge, discussion boards, training
opportunities, and information on application testing and usability.
Previously he worked in the Software Lab of Nokia Research Center and
coordinated Nokia's collaboration with Stanford Media X. During his years in
NRC he has worked in various mobile projects in the field of media,
advertising, mobile Web, health, and usability.

See you in a few weeks.  Have a safe Memorial Day weekend.

Bill, Peter, Janice, and Rand

Thanks to our sponsors, IBM and El Dorado Ventures, for their ongoing

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Kind Regards,

Rand Bradley
Phone: (415) 430-5535
Email:   rbradley at projectway.com

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