[Baypiggies] Site hiccups

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Sat Nov 11 00:02:30 CET 2006

At 02:49 PM 11/10/2006, Donna M. Snow wrote:
>We have a site in progress at baypiggies.net/zope/pr .. will that be 
>accounted for?


I used "site" in the subject to refer to the baypiggies.net domain 
name.  Specifically, I am registering that baypiggies.net=

Is this worth $30/year?  No, not when I am paying for it.  So, I am 
transferring to a registrar who charges $10/year.

This is a DNS registrar change only. Insofar as the IP address is not 
changing, there might be no observable changes.


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