[Baypiggies] Plone site (baypiggies.net/zope/pr)

Donna M. Snow donnamsnow at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 10:01:57 CET 2006


As those who have been following.. know.. we have a Plone site setup at 
baypiggies.net/zope/pr and Tony has been diligently adding content to 
the site but has run into some issues with the system.

I'd like to ask that adding of content be suspended for a bit... I need 
to upgrade the site from 2.1.2 to 2.5.1 .. (I'll hold on to your content 
Tony) .. once I've done that I'll test to see that the issues Tony's 
been having has been resolved.

I am also in need of a couple other someone's who know Plone well enough 
to administer it to come forward and help troubleshoot (answer 
questions) as we bring on more content providers (right now it's just 
Tony..but we may have someone adding evernts/meetings) and ideally it'd 
be nice to see the presenters uploading their content to the baypiggies 
site (presentation, video, podcasts, etc).

If you are interested in helping administer the Plone site.. contact me 
offlist donna at csquaredtech.com and I'll provide you with manager access 
on the site so you can help troubleshoot and help move content across 
from old site so we can launch the new site...

first step is upgrading to newest version of Plone and troubleshooting 
the issues Tony's been having...
(issues I've never come across.. I suspect it's a conflict in a product 
I installed.. so we'll start fresh then reload Tony's content and make 
sure that solves the problems)

(I know there a couple of you Plonista's out there.. so please...contact 
me.. hate the hold up the entire group here just because business has 
been really good :-))

Best Regards,
Donna M. Snow, Owner
C Squared Technologies
illuminate your web

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