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Forwarded with ZERO endorsement -- I encourage anyone who wants to follow
through to post to the list to avoid overlap.

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> Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 11:10:21 +1100
> From: Tennessee Leeuwenburg <tennessee at tennessee.id.au>
> To: editor at pythonpapers.org
> Subject: Invitation to participate in The Python Papers
> Greetings all,
> You are recieving this message because you are a contact on one of the
> Python User Groups available from the Python homepage.
> I am the Editor-In-Chief of a new Python journal, "The Python Papers"
> (http://pythonpapers.org). We (the editorial board) are trying to
> build up a valuable community resource, and would like to include as
> many different voices as possible. It would be wonderful to include
> introductions, profiles and insight into the various individuals and
> groups using Python around the world.
> To this end, this message is being sent to one Python User's Group
> from each geographic region.
> We invite you to contribute a brief article discussing your local
> groups. Depending on the number of responses, they will either be
> assembled into a single article for the next edition, or if the
> response is too large for this, presented as a series of in-depth
> articles over the coming year.
> Some of you may not have English as a first language. The Python
> Papers is written chiefly in English. We are happy to include articles
> written in other languages, preferably including an English
> translation with the original language version.
> If you would like to participate, but are unsure about what to
> include, here are some suggestions:
>  * Where the user group is based
>  * Who are the active members
>  * How long the group has existed for
>  * How frequently meetings are held
>  * Any particular programming interests held by members
>  * Upcoming events
>  * Photographs of the local area
>  * Information on local culture
>  * Comments on how Python is used in your country
> We also accept academic peer-reviewed proposals, so if any of your
> members would like to publish academic research, The Python Papers is
> also an appropriate vehicle for that.
> Cheers,
> -T
> (Editor-In-Chief)
> (p.s., we also need to contact groups from other countries from
> time-to-time. A few groups were not contacted because we couldn't
> establish a contact email. If anyone has foreign language skills in
> Italian, Chinese (I don't know if the site is in Mandarin or Catonese)
> or Japanese, it would be great if you could provide us with a contact
> email address for an appropriate local group.

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