[Baypiggies] ADMIN: Job postings

Michael Bernstein webmaven at cox.net
Wed Nov 29 21:04:03 CET 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-29 at 14:40 -0600, Beau Gould wrote:
> That's not me.  Note the email address.  Sorry.

You're just digging yourself in deeper here.

Beau Gould <beau at superiorss.com> at Superior Staffing Solutions was the
admin of the pythonzopejobs list last year. Beau Gould
<beau at open-source-staffing.com> at Open Source Staffing is the admin of
the same pythonzopejobs list.

I think it's stretching our credulity too far to claim that two email
addresses associated with the same name in the same industry
administering the same darn list are actually different people.

- Michael Bernstein

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