[Baypiggies] ADMIN: Job postings

wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 01:30:17 CET 2006

> > > That's not me.  Note the email address.  Sorry.
> > You're just digging yourself in deeper here.
> >
> > Beau Gould <beau at superiorss.com> at Superior Staffing Solutions was the
> > admin of the pythonzopejobs list last year. Beau Gould
> > <beau at open-source-staffing.com> at Open Source Staffing is the admin of
> > the same pythonzopejobs list.
> >
> > I think it's stretching our credulity too far to claim that two email
> > addresses associated with the same name in the same industry
> > administering the same darn list are actually different people.
> That's friggin' hilarious!  I'm wondering if I should just go ahead
> and write an email filter to delete anything from Beau Gould! ;)
> Thanks, Michael for the scoop!
> hahaha

as much as i want to promote the use of python, python jobs, python
everywhere, etc., this e-mail thread today speaks for itself and has
confirmed *why* we don't accept 3rd party solicitations.  'nuff said.
let's move on.

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