[Baypiggies] September BayPiggies Video MIA

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Tue Oct 24 01:36:12 CEST 2006

>Some of us were not able to make the Plone talk due to other commitments.


I think *many* would consider this a repeat of what they have already 
heard.  I am concerned about putting a repeat into the main time slot and 
not offering anything new.

The whole point of re-doing this talk is to get it out on video.  Everyone 
will be able to access it in video (software permitting), even if other 
commitments force them to also miss the repeat.  By scheduling this before 
our regular meeting, those who want to attend (whether first or second 
time) may do so and hear both the Plone presentation and whatever the main 
presentation is for the evening.


How much time do you expect to require for your Nov. 9th presentation, 
including provision for audience questions?


What is the *earliest* date you would feel comfortable doing a repeat?  I 
understand you are "up to your eyeballs" right now.  Our next regular 
meeting is 17 days from now, Nov. 9.  Should we even think about having you 
repeat then or would you like to wait?  Is 1 hour still the right amount of 

Regards, Dennis
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