[Baypiggies] November (was September BayPiggies Video MIA)

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Wed Oct 25 00:03:44 CEST 2006

At 02:48 PM 10/24/2006, Donna Snow wrote:
>Either way..I'm willing to present in January..

Excellent.  I'll put down for January.

>Whether we need a separate session for those who couldn't make last
>one.. I could do it..but I'm thinking there has to be a way we can
>incorporate a "make-up" and still provide new info to those who
>attended my last session.

A very cheap way to do make-up is post the presentation materials.  The 
people who missed the presentation can then read them.  Questions could be 
posted on this mailing list.

Perhaps this is not good enough and we can figure out something else to do 
next.  Seems easy to try.

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