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I forgot to mention that this position will be based in our San Mateo 

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[Baypiggies] Quality Assurance Engineer for Real Time Market Data Product

Hey guys, 

I'm currently trying to fill a QA position that will be responsible for 
testing our real time market data infrastructure.  The servers in this 
infrastructure distribute messages (several thousand per second) from 
financial markets to clients spread around the globe in a low latency, 
fault tolerant manner.   The high load and zero downtime requirements make 
the problems we tackle pretty interesting, and allow us to play with some 
cool technologies, like customized data compression and streaming 

Previously, the only way to interact with our server was via our GUI app, 
which introduced a layer of complexity that often masked data issues and 
made the primarily manual QA process difficult and error prone.  However, 
recently, one of our developers created python bindings directly into our 
c++ server code, allowing us to interact with the server infrastructure 
via a python script.  This tool gives us a new level of flexibility and 
will hopefully open the door for a much more thorough, automated QA 
process. Now we need to find someone to lead this effort.  The ideal 
candidate will have an interest in QA but also have strong engineering 
skills and python experience (I imagine the latter is a given considering 
the list I'm posting this on).  They will be responsible for creating an 
automated QA process, which means writing python scripts and possibly 
building new QA tools.  The full description is below.  If you have any 
questions, feel free to contact me directly at ksimmons at factset.com. 


FactSet Research Systems is a major supplier of online integrated 
financial and economic information to the investment management and 
banking industries.  For analysts, portfolio managers, investment bankers 
and other financial professionals, FactSet is a comprehensive, one-stop 
source of financial information and analytics. 
FactSet is currently looking for a Software Quality Engineer.  This 
position is responsible for verifying the accuracy and reliability of 
Factset?s real time server under all working conditions.  To uphold 
quality standards, the engineer will be required to create, maintain, and 
execute an automated suite of scripted tests which will scan for bugs in 
new server builds as well as ensure production servers are functioning 
properly.  A successful candidate will be a good communicator, detail 
oriented, familiar with the requirements and pitfalls of server 
development, and comfortable with scripting languages. 

?        Design, implement, and execute automated tests of Factset?s real 
time server using a high level scripting language 
?        Creation of a simulated server network that will act as a test 
bed for automated scripts 
?        Create and execute test plans to evaluate new and existing 
features for each release 
?        Evaluate robustness and scalability of infrastructure level 
?        Work closely with product management to maintain the level of 
quality in the product over multiple releases. 
?        Work closely with software engineering team to determine the best 
way to increase the quality of the product. 
?        Act as advocate for, and guardian of, the user experience. 

Minimum Requirements 
?        A Bachelors degree in computer science or related field 
?        At least 2 years of experience with a programming language 
?        Ability to communicate well with engineers and business 
?        Ability to learn new technologies quickly. 
?        Ability to work both independently and in groups and be able to 
set own goals based on shifting priorities. 
?        Experience with multithreaded applications 

Highly Desired:         
?        At least 2 years of experience with the python scripting language 

?        At least 2 years experience in Software Quality Assurance. 
?        At least 2 years experience with server development or testing 
?        Experience generating automated tests based on pre-existing 
documentation (technical specification, bug reports, etc). 
?        Familiarity with basic networking concepts 
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