[Baypiggies] Plone demo follow-up

Donna M. Snow donnamsnow at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 10:58:59 CEST 2006

Thank you so much for letting me speak tonight (last night) I appreciate 
your patience in light of the slow start (and my nervousness :-)).

There were a few questions after the meeting that I wanted to address 
(some of them were asked multiple times)

How to remove the "login" or "join" link

In the Zope Management Interface under portal_memberdata - click on 
"Actions" tab
Find the title "Log In" ..uncheck the "visible" checkbox (so now it 
won't show). Same with the "join" link..
(if you need better explanation.. I can arrange to walk you through it 
over the phone)

Skinning/Theming (I had planned on showing you a few sites that I'd skinned)

The digitalmusicnews.com site that was being visited last night.. is not 
the new Plone site (it's the Zope 2.7 site which needs upgrading..I'm 
working on the site on my demo server). I'll post here when the new site 
goes live.. just as an FYI.

A couple sites I've skinned, that I can show you..(no NDA or private 
intranet) (they all started out looking just like the vanilla Plone site 
I showed you last night)

Training -
http://www.plonebootcamps.com - Joel Burton is the premier Plone trainer..
If you can't get to one of this sessions.. then I recommend reading Andy 
McKay's book online..
http://docs.neuroinf.de/PloneBook - although the version mentioned in 
the book is a few versions back..it still applies and it's an excellent 
book for developers.

Also, I'm a presenter at the Plone Conference in October. My talk is on 
Plone Blogs (a few of the 100's of products that Plone has 
available)..so if you happen to be attending.. look me up :-)

Donna M. Snow, Owner
C Squared Technologies
content management systems

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