[Baypiggies] Python/Django Jobs at WeFi

Pablos pablos at wefi.com
Wed Apr 4 04:16:13 CEST 2007

[I read the baypiggies job posting guidelines, I think I'm complying!]

About Me

I'm Pablos, and I'm looking for coders for my team.  You will talk to  
me about this job, not a recruiter.  If this doesn't sound like the  
job for you, please introduce me to the most stellar coders you've  
ever worked with.  Email me directly:  pablos at wefi.com.

About Us

Who really cares about Enterprise B2B Solutions crap?  Come help us  
build something actual people can use.  We are a startup getting  
close to launching the first version of our product which makes using  
Wi-Fi a lot easier and more useful.  We are based in the Bay Area  
with an R&D team in Tel Aviv.  We are starting a new web development  
group in the U.S. and need some stellar talent.  Our front end stuff  
is written in Python using Django.

About You

This will be a small team, and each member will have to be very  
experienced with building and deploying web applications.  You’ve  
written other software, but mostly web apps, probably with Java.  You  
wish your garbage collector would free PHP once and for all.  You’ve  
checked out Rails or Django and have maybe even used one of them for  
a project or two.  The idea of building entirely new apps from  
scratch in a very “agile” fashion sounds delightful.
Ideal Qualifications

     3+ years developing web apps in an object oriented framework,  
preferably with some Java.
     MySQL, Python, Django, Linux, & Subversion fu.
     AJAX, HTML, CSS, XML, REST, SOAP, ABCs, 123s, 000110, F=MA

This is a job for someone who is highly capable of taking a project  
and running with it.  You need to be able to handle the full life  
cycle of an application.  You will need great communication skills,  
self motivation, and a burning desire to ship code.


West Coast, but we’re flexible.


Competitive Salary, Health Insurance, Stock Options

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