[Baypiggies] RSS reader+writer modules?

Kelly Yancey kelly at nttmcl.com
Wed Apr 11 03:10:26 CEST 2007

  Does anyone have any recommendations for decent RSS 2.0 reader+writer
modules?  I've found no shortage of modules for reading or writing, but
have yet to find a single module that allows me to both read and write.
 What I'm looking for is one that lets me write a new RSS feed but then
later read that same file and append additional entries to it.
  If I can't find a python module that does this, I'm thinking of
resorting to either webstring with a RSS template (like in their
examples), or PyRSS2Gen with a hack to stitch two separate RSS files
into one to approximate appending.
  What do other piggies use?



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