[Baypiggies] Epoz alternatives?

Alex Clark aclark at aclark.net
Wed Apr 11 20:45:00 CEST 2007


Plone has been shipping with Kupu for quite a while now (since 2.1?) There
is also FCKEditor (for when you absolutely positively have to have an
MS-Word style editor inside your o-wrap). I've used Kupu for editing tables
and it works fairly well. The FCKEditor bundle for Plone is easy to install
if you want to take it for a spin.



On 4/11/07, Ken Seehart <ken at seehart.com> wrote:
> Is Epoz the best content editor for plone?  Are there other good ones to
> look at?
> I love Epoz, but here are my two biggest gripes anyway:
>     * Copy/paste image fails (the pasted image disappears about 100ms
>       after being pasted)
>     * Editing tables sucks.  There appears to be no way to insert rows
>       or columns, and no way to cut/paste multiple cell (pasting puts
>       all content inside the cell containing the cursor).
> Thanks,
> - Ken
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