[Baypiggies] Alex Martelli - Python for Programmers, 4/10/07

wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 00:14:25 CEST 2007

i have a < 30 slide presentation that i use for "What is Python?" BOFs
at conferences that are more "lightweight" than alex's talk.  lemme
see if i can dig 'em up and post 'em here so u guys can compare.  i'd
be willing to do the "intro" talk as anna's suggested.

when we discussed the audience, we specifically identified 2 groups:

- people who are brand-spankin' new to programming
- experienced programmers who want to learn Python -- perfect for Alex's talk

... but i think we may have left out one group:

- people who work in a technical profession who have not been
programmers/engineers but in their careers have had to put some
scripts together for specific purposes, or hobbyists/tinkerers who
have messed around a bit, but have not taken any formal programming
and are either considering transitioning to more coding-oriented jobs
or just happy where they are but want to know how to learn a new tool
like Python (basic data types, constructs, flow ctrl, syntax, etc.)
for their hobby/tinkering

newbies nite will likely have attendees from each of these 3 groups,
but will there be more from one or more groups than the others?  it's
possible, and if there were, i might be inclined to think it would be
the latter pair.  people who are absolutely new to programming period
will not likely come to a user group meeting (unless y'all are
particularly convincing).  comments?

-- wesley
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