[Baypiggies] Python developer at SNIMMER

Scott Gever geverscott at foothill.edu
Mon Apr 23 20:24:54 CEST 2007

Sasha_SNIMMER wrote:
> Hi,
> I am looking for a python developer with experience in creating instant
> messaging applications for Jabber, Gaim, etc.
> http://www.snimmer.com SNIMMER  is a web based IM social network (think
> My(WebIM)Space). SNIMMER is located in Palo Alto, CA.
> Our existing python developer is currently having problems with python
> memory leaks that obviously hamper scalability.
> If you are a young, bright and enthusiastic person, please contact Sasha @
> snimmer.com.

Anything wrong with OLD and brilliant, with unbounded enthusiasm?

> Thank you!
Not yet.

-- Scott
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