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Software Engineer, Python

My client manages some of the largest open-source and enterprise
software development sites in the world. Their core products are both
market leaders, and they have the customer list to prove it. In
addition, they are the corporate sponsor of the open-source version
control software, and they encourage the use and development of
open-source software internally. They develop their own products their
own tools, so they use and depend on the tools that they are
developing on a daily basis.

In its first year out in the market, one of their products was a
finalist for the 2007 SIIA CODiE awards in the "Best Distributed
Computing Solution" category.


As part of a small, dedicated team, you will be working across all
areas of the product, from back-end database and system management
code, to front-end web page implementation, and everything in between.
This product is software that provisions and manages machines (virtual
and physical) for distributed software development, build, and test
teams. Supported hardware is x86, x86_64, and Sparc; supported
operating systems are Linux, Windows XP/2003, and Solaris, with more
to come. Besides being a useful and interesting product, it's fun to
use and fun to work on, and it is meeting with great success and
adoption in their target market.


• Web application development using Python. WSGI and mod_python
experience a plus. Be prepared to talk about previous web apps you
developed, what worked and what didn't.

• Some familiarity with network installation of operating systems and
network management tools.

• Packaging and deployment of software for hosted and onsite deployments.

• Excellent knowledge of algorithms and data structures.

• SQL and object-relational mapping/DAO

• Willingness to try new things and take on new tasks in a very
fast-moving development and release process.

• Strong communications skills. Be able to write specs and document your work.

• Plus: experience with Subversion's Python bindings.

• Plus: system administration experience

• Plus: AJAX/JSON experience.

• Plus: experience with automated test frameworks

• Plus: Have contributed code to open-source projects.

Warmest Regards,

Abby Knight

EQQUS Technologies
555 Bryant Street, Suite 700
Palo Alto, CA 94301
650-234-1000 ext. 355
aknight at eqqus.com

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