[Baypiggies] Python Web Developer job at Stanford University

George Grigoryev george.grigoryev at stanford.edu
Sat Aug 4 00:21:16 CEST 2007

I wanted to mention a Python Web Developer opportunity at Stanford. We are
looking for a serious Python developer/hacker. The person will have an
opportunity to interact with Stanford CS Natural Language Processing group
and get exposed to the latest research in machine learning and NLP. There
will also be an opportunity to write search and data-mining code.  


I am posting a job description below.


Thanks, - George


George Grigoryev

Information Retrieval & NLP Project Lead 

Stanford Intellectual Property Clearinghouse

george.grigoryev AT stanford DOT edu

Tel: + 1.408.505.9945



Stanford University is looking for a hardcore Python coder/hacker. 


Our project:


Stanford University is building an Intellectual Property Clearinghouse. The
goal of the project is to create publicly accessible database of all
Intellectual Property documents and build a specialized semantic search
engine on top of it. 


- Project will help to improve US patent system and facilitate technology

- The project will benefit individual inventors, high-tech and bio-tech
companies involved in technology transfer, patent policy makers and legal

- CS Professors Chris Manning and Hector Garcia-Molina are technical

- We perform cutting-edge research in Machine Learning and NLP on our
Intellectual Property Corpus

- This database of intellectual property documents has never been created

- Cisco, Oracle, Intel, SAP, Genentech and other tech companies are funding
the effort




- Architect, build and maintain rapidly evolving Python-based Web site

- Connect Web site to the Java-based back-end which supplies machine
learning, natural language processing, search and data-mining functionality

- Help with the development of the machine learning, natural language
processing, search and data-mining modules (mostly with the interfaces and
data I/O).




- Challenging, fun and startup-like environment at Stanford University

- Exposure to the cutting edge Stanford Computer Science research

- Opportunity to learn data-mining, machine learning and NLP, if desired 

- Opportunity to improve US Patent system and change the world

- There will be an opportunity for commercial spin-offs (startups)

- Industry competitive salary and full benefits (medical, dental, etc.)


Required Qualification:


- Hardcore Python individual

- Expert Python skills for web development, database access

- Expert HTML and CSS skills with cross-browser compatibility

- Expert Java programming skills, OOP, design patterns

- 7 - 8 years of development experience or equivalent skill level


Additional Qualifications:

- Good JavaScript skills with AJAX experience

- Knowledge of open-source Java technologies, especially from Apache

- Basic understanding of open source search and data-mining technologies

- MySQL administration

- Linux administration; bash scripting 




1. We will hire an exceptional developer immediately full-time. 

2. We could offer an opportunity for 1.5 - 2 months contracting with
possibility of full-time hire afterwards

3. We could offer 1.5 - 2 month contract if someone is looking for a
short-term engagement only 


Our technical environment:


- We develop in 3 languages: Python (front end), Java (back end), and
JavaScript (AJAX on the browser)

- You get to decide on the best architecture/framework for the Python Web

- We build a large and computationally intensive Machine Learning and
Natural Language Processing back-end in Java.

- We build a large Search and Data-mining back-end in Java, mostly from open
source components

- Linux 64-bit x86 servers





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