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> Why are you spamming the Python list this irrelevant post?
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> Russell Whitaker
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My post will seem irrelevant to entities who fail to, or do not,
appreciate &/or value the moral values & nature of free software,
freedom software, GNU software.

To entities who appreciate that aspect, my post is naturally relevant
along the lines of moral concerns relevant to that community.

A life unjustly taken (moreover a system that continues to unjustly take
lives) is definitely worth notifiying a community through a community
communication channel, giving them an easy opportunity to do some major
good in the world (by filling out a form to send a message).  [Call it
debugging a bug in a social system in our world.]

I do not consider my post spam.  I do consider my post relevant.  And,
even if every person in the universe other than me considers it spam,
I'm ok with that.


    * Spam (electronic), unsolicited or undesired bulk electronic
    messages. There are many types of electronic spam, including

        * E-mail spam, unsolicited e-mail.
        * Forum spam, posting advertisements or useless posts on a
        * Spamdexing, manipulating a search engine to create the
        illusion of popularity for webpages.
        * Spam in blogs, posting random comments or promoting commercial
        services to blogs, wikis, guestbooks.
        * Newsgroup spam, advertisement and forgery on newsgroups.

Note: "unsolicited or undesired"


We are the Silicon Valley-San Francisco Bay Area Python Interest Group.
No membership is required, and beginners are welcome!

Note: "Python Interest", ie "Interest in Python "

Mailing List

Please click here to sign up, or to edit your subscription. 

Note: Email solicited, desired.



This is the mailing list for the SF Bay Area Python Interest Group, aka

Note: For the group - not just for the pleasure of morally unconcerned
members of the group.


Python is friendly... and easy to learn

The Python newsgroup is known as one of the friendliest around.

Note: Friendly newsgroup. Moreover, "is known as one of the friendliest
around."  Sounds like my kind of people.

Summary: Friendly people interested in a freer than freedom sw (gpl)
project (Python is open source type licensed), & soliciting community
oriented email. Ergo: Not spam.

Friendly Python People: Here's a way for you to do something else good
for the world today:

Here's where you can learn "Why relief should be granted":

Best wishes.  

Russel: How many millenia (or googolplexes of years) do you think Google
will archive our discussion about items of concern to menmbers of the
Python community (If none other than the concerns of just members you &

Also: (Is there a smiley for that look I sometimes get, kind of a
puzzled, contemplative, pondering wondering bemused "looking at the
infinte" look???)

Finally: What does Milton Sirotta have to do with this:
http://www.python.org/~guido/ ?
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