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Daryl Spitzer daryl.spitzer at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 15:18:23 CET 2007

Here's a couple small task ideas off the top of my head:

* improve the documentation for modulefinder
(http://docs.python.org/lib/module-modulefinder.html) - add examples
of use, document ModuleFinder.modules
* expose the modulefinder.Module class (I've needed to use
Module.__file__ for example)


On Dec 7, 2007 5:27 AM, Doug Hellmann <doug.hellmann at gmail.com> wrote:
> Google is running a contest for middle and high school students
> called the Google Highly Open Participation (GHOP) contest.  The aim
> of the contest is to encourage young people to participate in open
> source projects.  The contest is structured around 10 open source
> projects, including the Python Software Foundation.  Contestants
> participate by completing tasks defined by the projects.  If a
> contestant completes a task, they get a t-shirt and certificate for
> participating in the contest.  For every 3 tasks completed, they get
> $100 (up to $500).  There are also 10 grand prizes to be awarded,
> which include a free trip to the Googleplex in Mountain View.
> The contest is only about a week old now, and all of the tasks
> defined by the PSF have been claimed already!  We're the first
> project to reach that milestone, and we're really excited about the
> level and quality of participation from the contestants.  We are
> looking for more Python-oriented tasks to be completed by the
> contestants.
> The Python Users' Group in Atlanta, PyATL, hereby challenges the
> BayPiggies to come up with more new task ideas than we do.  The
> winner retains bragging rights until the next GHOP.
> What we need from you are *ideas*.  We can work out the specific
> details once we have  a general idea (though obviously the more
> detail you give, the easier it is for us).
> Tasks need to be something which can be completed within at most 5
> calendar days.  They can cover areas like documentation, translation,
> testing, development, or outreach.  We've had some surprisingly
> talented kids participating, so don't worry about making the tasks
> too hard.  Each task should benefit an established open source
> project in some way.  The most important characteristic is to make
> sure there is a clearly defined completion criteria, so we can tell
> when the task is done.
> For examples of the existing tasks, check out the issue list at:
> http://code.google.com/p/google-highly-open-participation-psf/
> Is there a module or project that needs help with documentation? Is
> there a plugin missing for a tool you use a lot?  Do you have a
> weekend project you've been meaning to write but never quite found
> the time for?  Tell us about it, and maybe we'll find someone to do
> it for you.
> Doug
> PS - Our meeting isn't until next week so you have a head start.  Use
> it well!  :-)
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