[Baypiggies] [vote] name change

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 1 07:33:12 CET 2007


I think JJ asked the question in a neutral way, the majority has weighed in 
on this, and I think it's time to close the discussion for 2007.
The count of all people who want to change the name (to all the various new 
proposed names)
is heavily outnumbered by something like ~1:3 or 1:4 by the people who 
When this same question was asked in 2006 (by your poll) the results were 
similarly heavily against.
I totally understand you strongly dislike the name but I can't see any 
better alternative that
has been proposed. At some point we have to end this iteration of the 
discussion -
can we at least follow Terry's suggestion and take this off the table until 
Feb 2008?

I would much rather spend time finalizing February's unconfirmed meeting 
the March meeting (whether people will organized a presentation on what they 
attended at PyCon or not), profiling, possibly a recruiter's evening, Python 
in animation, Python in education, capabilities-secure Pyth-E, the Bay Area 
bid for PyCon 2008, and other proposals for this year's coming meetings.

Tomorrow is already Feb 1, and yet again http://www.baypiggies.net/ is still 
showing the January meeting instead of the forthcoming (unconfirmed) Feb 8 
meeting! This is really very poor, and to my mind infinitely more 
unprofessional than any choice of group name.

For the record my votes are:
-1 to namechange
+1 to -admin list (for activity organizing, not this sort of 
+1 to [JOBS] and [ADMIN] tags on existing list


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