[Baypiggies] Seeking February (and March and April) speakers

jim stockford jim at well.com
Thu Feb 1 15:28:56 CET 2007

thanks again for volunteering.
could you get me the following info for
me to include in the meeting announcement:

your name as you'd like it listed
any affiliation you'd like to mention
some salient bio (couple of sentences or so)
a title for your presentation
a couple or three sentences summarizing the topic

many thanks,
jim stockford
415 823 4590 my cellphone, call anytime

i figure Dennis will go first, then you, then ken.
can change the order if you wish.

On Jan 23, 2007, at 7:25 AM, Drew Perttula wrote:

> Stephen McInerney wrote:
>> * Ken Seehart had expressed interest in presenting a snippet from 
>> January?
>> There seemed to be support for aiming to regularly *briefly* present
>> 1/2 snippets at the start of each meeting, before the main activity.
>> (I forget did Drew mention something as well?)
> http://drewp.quickwitretort.com/2006/12/25/0
> I could demo that and explain how it works.

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