[Baypiggies] [vote] admin list, jobs list, name change

Tung Wai Yip tungwaiyip at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 1 03:02:06 CET 2007

> admin: -1
> jobs: -1
> name change: -1

-1 for all.

I was without network for a few days and come back to find my mailbox  
overflow with votes and discussions. I only hope this will lead to some  
constructive end. I do suggest next time we use some sort of web polling  
instead of sending out tons of email to the list.

After this we should summarize the result into stated policy. This may not  
be a scientific poll but enough people have voiced their opinion and this  
may have already costed us a few membership. I'm no fans of a lot of  
policies. Everytime Aahz warned people on policy violation I found his  
seriousness a bit comical. But if lack of policy causes endless debate, I  
would much prefer it settled by stated policies.

I am mortified by the suggestion that we should have another name change  
vote in 2008 or 2009. We should consider the issue settled. Unless there  
are demonstrated change in membership profile or other catalytic event  
like Python has itself changed its name due to consideration of its  
offensiveness, we should not reopen the same issue again.

Furthermore I suggest we make it a policy to prohibit prolonged discussion  
on group policies. The admin should invite people to take such discussion  
off the list. The purpose is not to suppress different opinions but to  
prioritize this list for Python related discussions. If having a wiki on  
our web site would facilitate them then we should create one.

Sorry for adding to the already overloaded discussion.

Wai Yip

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