[Baypiggies] [vote] name change

Shannon -jj Behrens jjinux at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 23:37:45 CET 2007

On 1/30/07, Shannon -jj Behrens <jjinux at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok, let's address the mother of all arguments--the name change ;)
> Instructions:
> To change the name of this mailing list, vote +1 and propose an alternate.
> To keep the existing name, vote -1.
> Certain of our readers object to the term "baypiggies" due to the
> negative connotation.  Clearly, a better term might have been
> "baysmarties", but I digress ;)
> As we come to conclusion about the direction of this mailing list, it
> makes sense to bite the bullet and vote on whether to keep the name
> baypiggies.  As a historical note (Aahz can correct me), baypiggies
> stands for "Bay Area Python Interest Group", which makes sense.
> If we change the name baypiggies, we may (arguably) gain a name with a
> better connotation, but we risk irritating a lot of people who will
> have to update their mail filters and learn a new email address to
> send mail to.  Worst of all, there may be instances of this email
> address in the wild, and I'm not sure if I can set it up as an alias
> if we decide to go with a new name.
> Because of the severe drawbacks of this change, I'd like to be
> conservative and propose that we only change the name if we have 10 or
> more +1s and no more than half as many -1s.  I think requiring a two
> to one vote is fair given the advantages vs. the disadvantages of
> making this change.

Ok, thank you all for responding.  Thank you too for bearing with the
volume of email.  Here are the results:

    marilyn at deliberate.com
    carroll at tjc.com
    DennisR at dair.com (but only for the announce list)
    aahz at pythoncraft.com
    bdbaddog at gmail.com
    cvanarsdall at mvista.com
    dbs at abaca.com
    DennisR at dair.com
    doug.durham at yahoo.com
    ds-bp at sidorof.com
    eric at ericwalstad.com
    jjhartley at att.net
    kenobi at gmail.com
    krishna2 at krishna2.com
    mac at wireless.com
    mrbmahoney at gmail.com
    richardk at adax.com
    rstephe at sun.science.wayne.edu
    spmcinerney at hotmail.com
    tungwaiyip at yahoo.com
    webmaven at cox.net
    wescpy at gmail.com
    ylchobe at gmail.com

I think that constitutes clear consensus.  We will not be changing our
name.  As moderator of this mailing list, I'd like to close this
discussion for at least two years, which I feel is reasonable and
moderate.  However, I suspect that in the period of just two years,
it's unlikely that the consensus will have changed much.

Ok, now that we're done with that, let's get back to talking about Python!

Best Regards,


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