[Baypiggies] jj - Please consider grouping and labeling Baypiggies Digests by subject line categories

Leo Wils leowils at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 2 03:34:11 CET 2007

I have a suggestion for jj and others to consider.
This would work for me, and might work for others.  
The implementation is easy.  It has some of the 
advantages of separate mailing lists.

Presort the Baypiggies email into a small number of 
predefined categories. This can be done by prepending 
a category to each subject line, such as JOBS, ADMINISTRATION, 
UPCOMING MEETINGS, OTHER.  Include only one category 
in each digest mailing, with a subject line beginning with
BP_JOBS or something like that.  Sorting into categories 
by the first characters in the subject line is easy.

Subject line categories would allow me to more quickly 
find info about meetings, skip jobs listings, etc. I don't
care if I get email I'm not interested in, as long as 
it is easy to identify.  Clever people might find other 
ways to use subject line categories. 

- Leo 

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