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Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Sat Feb 10 02:21:45 CET 2007

At 05:05 PM 2/9/2007, Paul McNett wrote:

>I respectfully disagree. Take this example:
>class MyBizobj(...):
>         def getCustomerInfo(self, cust_id):
>                 sql = """
>select customers.name as name,

This starts with an empty line.  I believe this can be changed by

                 sql = \
"""select customers.name as name,

Which then breaks up the SQL, albeit only slightly.

My point had to do with "breaking up the indentation structure" and I think 
you have illustrated my point.

You illustration does not show how a long triple quoted string gets 
supplied with parameters.  Stylistically, I often prefer substituting 
parameters on a line by line basis because there is better locality, making 
the code easier to understand and read.


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