[Baypiggies] Discussion for newbies/beginner night talks

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sat Feb 10 20:15:27 CET 2007

    what's the assumption of a newbie? I'm guessing
not new to programming but pretty well experienced
in C, VB, Java, Perl 5 (and maybe interested in future
features in Perl 6), maybe looking at Ruby as an
alternative commitment to Python. I think our group
has at least one ADA-experienced coder, certainly
there are a few assembler experienced. All of the
above might identify themselves as newbies wrt
    If you buy the above, the decorators and other
new and/or exotic features in Python might be
very interesting for them.

On Feb 9, 2007, at 4:04 PM, Tony Cappellini wrote:

>> 5) Understand and use the decorate/sort/undecorate (DSU) idiom.
> I wouldn't agree that this is a beginner topic, especially since it's
> relatively new to the language.
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