[Baypiggies] Discussion for newbies/beginner night talks

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 12 05:49:00 CET 2007


Do you not use the Python wrapping of VTK (C++) for visualization?
And there's an open-source fluid dynamics package called MayaVi that sits on 
of VTK and can also be used to produce pretty good visualizations.
These are included in Enthought Python for Windows distribution.

>4. My interest in Python is for developing GUI-based data displays and 
>of the results from  my software which models unsteady free-surface
>flow in rivers, canals, storm sewers, and related structures.  I'm also 
>in the scientific and numerical packages in Python: numpy, scipy, 
>5.3 Some talks on experience with various graphical interfaces: TK, GTK, 
>pyQT, etc.
>I currently have  some experience with TK, having constructed an 
>interactive package
>to create 2-D time-series plots of flows, and elevations during flood 
>I have not had time to give another interface a try.   GTK sounds 
>in combination with glade.  I must say that doing this with Python is so 
>much more
>fun than when I did a more limited package with a proprietary add-on to 
>I also like that fact I don't have to pay anyone for the privilege of using 

>5.5  Extending Python by interfacing to Fortran code.  This will be on my
>to-do list as I move into using Python as a front-end for more heavy-duty
>number-crunching software.

(NOSC have done this for atmospheric forecasting.
Also SciPy conference 07 will be in San Diego, should be a good event.)


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