[Baypiggies] Output generation - (string operations/triple quote/template)

jwithers grayarea at reddagger.org
Wed Feb 14 07:43:03 CET 2007

> I agree with JJ that template language is another good alternative,  
> especially for more complex generation. While this is subjective and  
> everyone have different criteria, I consider the approach of interleaving  
> Python code with the target output hard to maintain. It goes back to the  
> Java Servlet approach and the many addon projects later to provide better  
> alternatives.

> Wai Yip

I have found TAL to be good for taking care of that. Templates, but you
are close to forced to move your code outside the templates. Most people
don't seem to like it much, but it makes me happy.  Most of Zope gets on
my nerves in one way or another, but TAL makes for better separation
than the majority of templating systems, and avoids the ugly of building
your html inside your code.


jwithers <grayarea at reddagger.org>

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