[Baypiggies] Pycon 2008 Bid Status

Alvin Wang alvinwang at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 01:37:42 CET 2007

I am sure some of you may be wondering what is happening.
Originally, there were 3 other cities other than SF interested.  Boston,
Cleveland and Chicago.  Boston and Cleveland have pretty much dropped out.
I missed the online chat where Chicago detailed their status.  From some
emails, it seems like they are having a few problems.  They should still get
a bid in.

I contacted the Santa Clara and San Mateo  Convention/Visitor Bureaus.  Got
some bids.  Had 2 finalists - San Mateo Marriott and Santa Clara Marriott.
I am going with San Mateo Marriott.

Santa Clara Marriott is a little bigger.  I am hoping that we can attract
more people but it is not guaranteed.  Santa Clara is planning on trying to
rent out any space that we do not use.  San Mateo is going to give us all
the meeting space 24x7.  For the time of the conference, we will own the
hotel so they are planning on being very accommodating.

The decision will be made at Pycon.  It is a 2 year bid.

If the bid is accepted, Pycon will be signing the contract.  It also has a
core of volunteers to work on the conference.  Personally, I am planning on
focusing on increasing local attendance by working with other local user
groups and finding SV speakers.  Hopefully, there will be a lot of interest
from Baypiggies in helping out.  I already have a list of several

Alvin Wang
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