[Baypiggies] How to embed Flash Player Controls within a Python app...

Douglas Kennedy akennedy93612 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 23 03:11:11 CET 2007

Hi Python users,

I am seeking some help or at least direction.

I am developing a python application that is a learning center.

Part of the requirement is that it not be browser based.

Python seems to a practice choice so far.

The videos and screencast videos are going to be produced
using the Camtasia Studio also requirement in a FLV/SWF format.

The learning center application needs to have embedded within
its screen the video window. Found wxpython that allows the video
to be called from a python.

The problem is that have not found any way to control the video?
Typical controls play,stop, pause,rewind, fast forward etc...

Maybe I am missing it I have not found the controls within python 
or wxpython to control a flash video.

Well, Python users any direction?

Your help is and will continue to be appreciated.



P.S... I have been using this list for a couple of years now and it has
been of benefit in many ways thanks. I hope to in the future enjoy your gatherings...

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