[Baypiggies] FYI Chicago is Pycon 2008

Alvin Wang alvinwang at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 10:36:13 CET 2007


They announced the winner after I left on Sunday so I got the info late.
Anyway Chicago won.


There were several reasons.
- cheaper, they felt that Chicago would be a reasonable incremental increase
in room rate.
- bigger - this year was 40% larger than last year.  They expect at least
that large a jump by coming to the Bay Area.
- Chicago stacked the quiz responses from 2006.  Chicago was the most asked
for venue.  In talking to people that were not from Chicago, SF was widely
preferred.  Chicago has a lot of people at the conference.

I pitched Santa Clara too after some people expressed concern about San
Mateo's size.

I got the feeling that they wanted to split the win since 2 cities put in
good bids.  Chicago was cheaper and had a lot of people so they went first.

There is a very good possibility that 2009 will be awarded prior to 2008.
The problem is that 2009 will be even larger.  They are going to contact me
about it.  I am planning on looking into a few more options.

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